Company founded in Madrid - Spain in 1949, we are dedicated to manufacture, sale and export centrifuges and laboratory equipment. During this last 65 years we have grown from a small local manufacturer to become a dynamic and innovative company that exports to more than 120 countries around the world. Our products are present in biotechnical, research, environmental and industrial laboratories; these facts have made us to be one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. 

The partnerships established with Universities, official centers and representative companies in the field of laboratories led us produce equipment which may adapt to any process of production or sample preparation. This specialization has led us manufacture “tailor made” equipment (OEM) for those applications that doesn’t fit with standard equipment.

Ortoalresa represents the present and, specially, the future in centrifuges for laboratories which are focused on the integration of quality and reliability with simplicity and high-performance features. In the context of this commitment with the quality of its products, the company is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Where is the difference? The development of systems that optimize the use of our equipment and provide a safe working environment, has led us provide our products with differentiators elements. Like the Gas Release System (GRS), accessory that reduces the risk for the user and for the laboratory environment as well as statistically ruling out the hazard danger in high-risk environments. The Progressive controlled acceleration and braking system (PCBS), selectable in seconds, that prevents the homogenization of the sample after separation. Or the adapting in our centrifuges of the TFT color touch screens, making the use of equipment easier for any type of user and allowing the access to the full performances.



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