MICROPTIC S.L., company based in Barcelona, Spain, is a world leading player in the field of semen analysis.

The main goal of our business is to produce high quality products that are continuously improved, integrating the last innovative technology available.

Our products & services:

  • SCA® CASA System, a modular automatic software for the analysis of concentration, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation, vitality, acrosome reaction and leukocytes of sperm samples.
  • SCA SCOPE, the first totally automated lab device for human semen assessment, linking up software with hardware of the best quality.
  • MetaClass, an automatic system for human cytogenetic studies of chromosomes (Karyotyping and FISH).

Moreover, MICROPTIC S.L. offers all the required components and disposables for semen analysis as well as training courses and workshops.

Microptic around the world:

We have installed more than 2000 systems in 100 countries and collaborate with over 70 distributors and scientific researchers.



  • Lab equipment for semen/sperm analysis
  • Male infertility
  • Automatic diagnostic systems


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